The 1-day-a-week swimmer
Triathlon training is, at best, hectic. Tempo runs, long bike rides, threshold workouts, core and strength training, household chores, bike maintenance – it’s a consistent go-go-go pace. With such a routine, something inevitably gets dropped from the training schedule. For many of us, that ‘thing’ is time in the... Read more
10 Tips when getting back in the pool…
Well, the holidays have come and gone, gift bags have been forced into hibernation, and along with your waistline, the season has likely added something extra to your swim times as well. How do you combat these unwelcome increases? Here are 10 awesome tips to get you in and... Read more
Winter Running Tips to be Safe, Warm & Seen
Winter Running Tips to be Safe, Warm & Seen In my opinion winter can be one of the best times of the year to run. I love the clean, crisp air, the crackle of fresh fallen snow underfoot, and the feeling that I have the sidewalks and trails to... Read more