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I am honoured to have the opportunity to review the new Motion V shoe from Newton. I am a Newton runner already, but with... Newton Motion V

I am honoured to have the opportunity to review the new Motion V shoe from Newton. I am a Newton runner already, but with advancing technologies and design Newton is always pushing the boundaries for their shoes.

So lets get into it!

Newton has improved quite a few features of their new product line this year. Some are technical, some are design. By the way, the orange? Come on what a beautiful shoe. One thing I have always loved about the Newton line up are the colours and design.


A new addition to the Motion V that I found to be a huge benefit was the amount of mesh at the toe and upper position of the shoe. I found this allowed much more breathability for my foot. Due to this my foot didn’t shift or move and this led to a more comfortable run as I didn’t have to worry about slippage and chaffing. The EMB (Extended Medial Bridge) was also important to me because I need the stability of the Motion V platform. This gave me greater stability for my side pronation.

The Motion V also has a new 4-way stretch-mesh metatarsal panel which will accommodate different foot shapes. Combined with the amount of mesh on the Motion V I am confident that runners of all types will find the Motion V to be the most responsive shoe around. You will be able to crush any distance of run while staying comfortable and supported.

If you don’t know much about Newton yet here are a few things that make them great for any distance of running. All Newton shoes have their “Lug” system on the forefoot of the shoe. Newton has a proprietary Action/Reaction™ Technology which creates a trampoline-like cushion. Since I am currently a Newton runner there was no issue adapting to the Motion V. As a new runner coming to Newton there is an adaption period that you will have to take into consideration. The reason for that is the lug system. It is a different but improved way of running and is something you need to get used to.

Newton has a feature called P.O.P on all of their shoes. It is a measuring system they use to determine the performance of the ride of the shoe. P.O.P 1 has a more stable and responsive feel while the P.O.P 2 has a beveled lug for a smoother run and the P.O.P 3 is the softest ride as the lugs are less pronounced.


Just a couple of technical things runners like to know and care about. The drop on the Motion V is 3mm and the weight comes in at 8.1oz for the men’s and 6.7oz for the woman’s.

The Motion V is available in all sizes imaginable and available in specialty running stores and at The price of the Motion V is on the high side for a running shoe but with the features and stability they provide they are worth the price. The Motion V was introduced at the beginning of February 2016. So run out and get your pair today!


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