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3S. What or who inspired you to get into the sport? ES. Initially there was no real inspiration for getting into the sport. I... Questions with Ellie

3S. What or who inspired you to get into the sport?
ES. Initially there was no real inspiration for getting into the sport. I simply saw the local Weet-Bix Kids Triathlon advertised on the side a cereal box and decided to sign up and have a go. It was after seeing how much I enjoyed this triathlon, that my mum found a triathlon coach and I began training a week later. I was 11 years old when I first started triathlons.

3S. What is your proudest achievement in your career? And why?
ES. Winning a silver medal at the innaugral Youth Olympic Games was a pretty proud moment. It was my first time representing Australia, wearing the green and gold, and I had my family and friends there to see me take home a silver. More recently, my first Ironman 70.3 race win in Boulder, Colorado was a special moment. Boulder is my second home and where I spend half of my year. To take out my first 70.3 on ‘home’ turf, with my coach, training partners and friends watching on was a proud moment.

3S. If / when Siri gives you a day off, what is the first thing you do?
ES. Sleep in. I always look forward to waking up without an alarm on my rest days. I usually don’t plan too much else as I like to relax and don’t like to have any concrete plans when I don’t need to.

3S. How has your training changed since joining Siri Lindley’s team in Boulder?
ES. Initially I was training with Siri as an ITU athlete for the first two years of our time together. I came to Siri after taking six months away from the sport, so I was pretty much a blank canvas willing to start from the beginning to get to the top. It was so nice to be surrounded by a team of mostly female athletes, something I was used to in my previous training group. It made the other athletes really relatable and meant I was always training alongside my competitors.

3S. What is your current race setup? Do you have any cool tech that you like to use?
ES. I currently race on my Blue Triad SL with Hed wheels. I mostly use a front 80mm deep dish and a rear disc. I am a super simple athlete, I don’t use any computers or power metres. I like to race and train completely off feel.

3S. If you could go back and change a race or situation what would it be? And why?
ES. If I could go back and race 2016 Ironman 70.3 World Championships again, I would. I had a terrible race there, which is always disappointing on such a bug stage. It was only my first World Champs and my first year of racing 70.3, but I definitely let the nerves and pressure of such a high level race get to me. There is nothing worse than finishing a race and not feeling like you gave everything you could, and that’s exactly how I finished that race.

3S. What would be the number one thing you would tell someone interested in the sport, or a first time triathlete?
ES. Triathlon is fun, and that’s exactly what it is all about. Do it because you enjoy it and you love doing it. That’s the biggest thing I learnt after leaving the sport for a while, you need to love it to be successful at it. If you don’t love it, find something else. It requires too much time, energy and commitment not to give it your all.

3S. What are your guilty pleasures? Food and Music?
ES. Definitely cheesecake and ice cream are my two guilty food pleasures. In relation to music, I have a closet love for country music!

3S. What advice can you offer an athlete battling an injury?
ES. BE PATIENT!!!!!! I have battled with more injuries than you can imagine over the years. The worst thing anyone can do is rush back to training. It’s better to take a month of extra rest, as opposed to rushing back and risking another season on the sidelines.

3S. If you could only take a pair of shoes, bike or goggles to a deserted island, what would you choose and why?
ES. I would take a pair of shoes. I love running and I love the fact that as long as you have a pair of shoes, you can run anywhere in the world. Running is so free and relaxing, it’s the discipline I love the most of the three.

3S. What are your future plans with triathlon? Do you have interest in the full distance?
ES. Definitely no future plans to race full distance EVER! Right now I just have my eyes set on a 70.3 World Championship and doing everything I can to make that possible. Whether I achieve that this year, next year, or five years down the track, that’s the only thing on my horizon right now.


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